Lynx @ Hello Stockholm 2016

Lynx @ Hello Stockholm 2016

We introduced ourselves to Hello Stockholm: Formerly known as “Sexy Legs” Tallinn Frisbee Club women team has gone through a makeover. New look with a brand new name “Lynx”. We will fight hard for every disc, but aren’t always the most patient ones. Hopefully will keep our heads cool even on field 1. Girls love Sweden and its tournaments. Team has been to Hello Stockholm every time and before Hello we enjoyed Winter Trophy for 5 years.

Going from Tallinn to Stockholm seems fairly easy, but you never know what happens. Our Captain arrived safely with the boat and waited as impatiently enjoying the view of Bosön. Next group of travellers had to see their plane take off from Riga without them – luckily the tickets to the next flight were already printed. Also as a 1.aprill fool – Estonian company Avies loosed their flight permissions, so all the flights were cancelled. Seemed like a joke – but was not. After some dramatic calls the travelers joined their forces and found their way to Bosön. Some entertainment pics:

Captain enjoing the wievEntertaining ourselvesEntertaining ourselvesEntertaining ourselvesEntertaining ourselves

First game of the tournament was at 8 with Sigtuna FK. As with the whole tournament the plan was to keep our focus sharp and support ourselves in every move – bad or good. We succeeded very well giving us the result 11-1. We were really cleaver and went to eat the breakfast after the game ;) Spirit was high, but we kept our heads cool, this is just the first game, it does not show anything.

After the first game

Second game was at 13:00 with the Götlaborg. We knew that we will face the E6 team with un undercover name. The game was pretty intense – points going either way. We took the 2 point lead and then they came back to make it 2-2. Then followed by some points which nobody wanted, that means: way too many turnovers, but we got the 2 point lead back on 5-3. But 2 point lead fades away with some mistakes and 2 points behind is a reality with 5-7 Luckily they like to play it interesting as well so on 7-7 we get to 8-8 and Universal point to 9. Götlaborg was playing it safe – giving no chances to us in the final point and sealing the victory with 8-9. (video link)

Third game (pre-Quarters) was at 16:00 with the Uppsala FDK. Uppsala had comfortably won their pool and now facing us . The game started great to us at some point we found ourselves at the result 5-2, kept our offence calm and score 7-4, but our lead faded away rather quickly and with the score 7-7 and then 8-8 Universe point with us in offence, we did not waste our opportunity to play in top 8 and used the chance. With the score 9-8 the win was ours. (video link)

Enjoying ourselves after hard dayFourth and the last game of the day was at 18:00 with Helsinki Black , we knew it will be a tough match. And we knew it can go either way. Luckily didn’t know it beforehand but Helsinki Black won Salaspils FK in their pool games. Salaspils took the victory of the tournament. So we were really prepared and wanted to stay focused. And we gave our best game of the tournament. Very confident, very hard defence and calm heads. We took the lead and did not give it away. No lows in the end of the game and got the place in top 4 with the result 8-5 score. Happy as ever we didn’t belive that we really are in top 4. Time for food and party ? Can we go to party now ? Can we afford the time ? After some hard delicious eating we found ourselves enjoying the evening, some hot shower and wordgames. Yap for the first time for a long long time we missed the party.

New day new challenges ahead. Our day started with the title defender Valkyria on field 1 at 10:30 who proved to be in very good shape. They gave us some discs back to give us some options to make up our bad start. But all in all our slow start and their fast feet and long cuts gave the result 6 – 9 We could have done better and we intended to do so in the game for the bronze medal. (video link)

Last year when we competed @ Hello Stockholm. We had one game on Field 1 and we totally froze and couldn’t handle it at all. This year however we managed to play 4 games on livestream – didn’t show our best game all the time, but didn’t do too bad either. Hopefully we are now used to with this kind of pressure.

GameEntertaining ourselvesEntertaining ourselvesEntertaining ourselvesEntertaining ourselves

At 13:30 we started our battle with Viima. Always pleasure to play with them. We gave our first offence point away, but stayed in the battle score 1-1, with some long points giving the score 2-2, with some short points 3-3, some good running to get 4-4. Giving away long throws and getting to 5-5 they kept their head cool and took a two point lead 5-7 we tried some moves, but suddenly the game ended in their favour 6-9 . Congrats for the 3-rd place, will be waiting for a rematch ;) (video link)

We are leaving with good vibes – a little disappointment from the last game, but well that will keep us hungry for some improvements and ready to prove ourselves at Kick in de Kök. Lynx is very happy of our guys achievement, getting second place in such high level tournament. Also happy that Stockholm has this kind of complex Bosön and lovely organizer to organize Hello for many years to come :)